Moondrop x female reader lemon

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Freddy moved back to you, and helped lift you up.

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<span class=" fc-falcon">Five Nights at Freddy's - Freeform.


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River is a very ambitious undercover detective and quite frankly, very good at their job.

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Right NEW FUCKING RULES if you ship children with ANY OF THE ANIMATRONICS leave my page now- if.

Moon is a pervert.

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Moondrop Aria vs Moondrop KXXS : the extraordinary thing about.

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but Moon can't talk to Sun at first.

Fandom: Five Nights at Freddy's.

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+9 more.

Tsundere Sun.

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sundrop, moondrop, fnaf.

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Ropes and Roses ( a sundrop/moondrop x reader fanfic) by ninaflamewolf.


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I might make a Female!Reader version if this version gets enough reads.


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The chapters are short It my first time 😭 It is female reader sorry (Meaning's to help) 🍋-lemon 🟣-not a lemon 🔴-almost to the lemon.

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You are a young woman named y/n who went to fazbears pizzeria with her nephew Gregory for his birthday and ended up getting stuck in the place! You are 21 years old and.


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May 23, 2020 · fc-falcon">It would be the perfect place for an ambush, he told himself, beginning to grin.


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Tsundere Sun.

5K 17.

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sundrop, moondrop, fnaf.

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