Hypertonic enema solution example

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Recent Examples on the Web The good news is that. The solution is hypertonic and thus, draws fluid into the bowel,.

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Cells in a hypertonic solution shrink as water exits the cell, becoming shriveled.


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When infused, hypertonic fluids cause an increased concentration of dissolved solutes in the intravascular space compared to the cel.

5 mL of castile soap and 1500 mL of water.

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A hypertonic solution is a particular type of solution that has a greater concentration of solutes on the outside of a cell when compared with the inside of a cell.

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An overdose of a common over-the-counter sodium phosphate enema solution was fatal in an infant.

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The mixture is introduced into your rectum via a tube to flush out any unpassed stool in your colon.

Cells in a hypotonic solution swell as water enters the cell, and may burst if the concentration gradient is large enough between the inside and outside of the cell.

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Apr 15, 2021 · Most healthy body systems are isotonic, meaning that they work in equilibrium without much water movement.


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This activity will help you assess your knowledge of the definition, effect, and example of a hypertonic solution.


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This activity will help you assess your knowledge of the definition, effect, and example of a hypertonic solution.


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Lastly, we found that moderately hypotonic enema formulations caused little to no detectable epithelial damage, while hypertonic solutions caused significant damage, including epithelial sloughing; the epithelial damage caused increased systemic drug absorption and penetration of MPP into colorectal tissue, a potential advantage in certain.

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Criteria for a diagnosis of enema reaction were derived from a retrospective series and tested prospectively on 11 healthy volunteers.


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3C: Tonicity is shared under a CC BY-SA.


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An isotonic solution is one that has the same osmolarity, or solute concentration, as another solution.

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, The nurse is administering a large-volume cleansing enema to a client who reports severe cramping upon introduction of the.

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Hypertonic Solution – When a solution has more solutes per liter than another solution.

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A hypertonic enema solution lubricates the stool and intestinal mucosa, making stool passage more comfortable o False A nurse is assessing the stoma of a client with an ostomy.

The aspect of the rectal mucosa after administration of hypertonic enemas is occasionally confused with the macroscopic appearance of quiescent ulcerative colitis.